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3 Habits of Most Successful Project Managers in Localization

Every year around this time I get the same question from localization clients: “I am finalizing performance goals for my team. What training is available to help localization project managers to reach them?”

Every year I used to have the same answer: ‘Not much.’ Most training is either tools related, too generic, or is only available in conjunction with a conference.

This year, I have a different answer. There is a new program that starts on March 6 that is specifically geared towards localization project managers. And enrollment is open for only a few days more.

The program is called ‘Out-Localize Your Competition’ and it teaches the best work habits, tools and techniques from the most successful project management teams that I have seen and worked with in localization,

For 20 years, I have helped the most junior ones on a path to become Product Managers at multinational software corporations, Operations Managers in language services companies, Heads of Global Digital Marketing departments, and even business owners.

The most successful ones have the three same habits:

  1. Understand their clients’ first, before seeking to be understood. They ask the right question to diagnose the client situation. They develop a picture of their clients’ hierarchy of needs and then make sure that their actions are productive and meaningful.
  2. Create clarity in their clients’ minds by organizing free-flowing pieces of information into logical and digestible chunks. They use tools like action plans and to-do lists, communication plans, service level agreements, work break down structures and so on.
  3. Invest their energy and time for clients by pro-actively organizing their work around their own strength. They know the tasks that they are totally capable of performing, but dislike versus those tasks that come so natural to them, that they do not even feel like work. In other words, successful project managers make conscious decisions about preserving their energy for what matters most to both themselves and the client.


3 Habits of Most Successful Localization Project Managers

  • Thursday, February 23 at 12:30 PM EST
  • Tuesday, February 28 at 12:30 PM EST

 Click here to register.

If there’s a change you know you need to make, I hope these three habits will inspire you to take control over your career in localization and get back in touch with what’s possible, and act now.

Work hard, be nice,


PS. Of course, if you already know that you want to be seriously committed to taking control over your career in localization, then you also want to reserve your spot for the Out-Localize Program.

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