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5 Reasons you Need to Automate Today!

5 Reasons you Need to stop waiting for a reason and automate today:

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  1. More Growth:

    • As a small business, growth is HUGE.  When most people think about automation they think about the time, effort, cost, and change management that come with it.  Really, it’s where the growth is at.  The latest small business success came from their focus on automation.  Akorbi, a largely growing LSP for Global language, technology, and staffing services, was able to grow their business by 758% in only three years. Just by taking automation into their own hands and making it a priority for them.

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  2. More Projects:

    • This might seem rather obvious but think about it.  As an LSP your goal is always more business.  How many times have you had to turn down a small project here or there, because you didn’t have the capacity? It may have been a small project, however, those little projects have the tendency to grow into valuable long-term relationships. Being able to do the manual mundane tasks FASTER allows you to free up more of your time to accept those projects, bring in more revenue, and more customers. Instead of looking at automation as a potential job eliminator, view it as a job generator.  With more free hands to help generate revenue, the faster projects go, and the more revenue you bring in.Hand put coin to money ,Business idea
  3. More Revenue:

    • Expanding more on the point above. How many times have you or your team had to say no to a potential customer because you couldn’t integrate with the automation they had? Or perhaps you didn’t have the technological capacity to produce the work they desired in the allotted time? You’re not alone. LSPs fall into this rabbit hole all the time. It’s too expensive to automate, but too expensive not to.
    • Investing a little money up front to automate your processes or update your technology to easily integrate, can have a GIANT impact. Once customers get word of your ability to handle the toughest of deadlines and projects, they’ll come knocking on your door, instead of the other way around. Which brings us back to point two, with more hands on deck, you’ll have more time to take these projects on.
  4. business-partnerMore Partnerships:

    • When working with technology, getting to the point where everything can properly talk to each other can often take a while.  A lot of times, this fact deters smaller to medium sized business to wait until a customer request.  Instead of waiting for a customer request, you can use automation to pro-actively reach out to a technology provider yourself.  Work with them to implement and create an avenue for customer referrals, and when the occasion arises, both of you can leverage your relationship as an opportunity to work closely, and directly with a customer.  Working out all the kinks directly alongside the technology will not only make your joint customer happy, but the end result will open up a relationship for continuous collaboration going forth.
  5. ea-blog-712x394-successMore Success:

    • At the end of the day, your main goal is to make your customers happy by producing stellar work. You want to deliver quality work, on -time and on-budget.  It’s unrealistic to think that hiccups won’t happen.
    • Utilizing partnerships or collaborations mentioned in the point above can help  alleviate the potential for these pitfalls helping you create a successful environment for the first test run of your automation process. But it also goes beyond that. The faster this initial process goes the faster you can continue to automate, putting you even further ahead of your competitors. Put yourself on track for more success faster.

Want to know how to start simplifying the process of automating now?

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