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5 Things I Hate About You: A Project Manager’s Open Letter to Multilingual DTP

Dear Multilingual Desktop Publishing,

It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. But there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for quite some time now: things just aren’t working out between us. Multilingual DTP, the process you drag me through is confusing, endless, and just downright exhausting. I’m sorry it had to come to this, but I can’t go on like this any longer.

So, I’ve made a list. A list of things that I just cannot deal with any longer. We need to find a way to stop this madness, or it’s over between us.

  1. Copy and paste.

Copying and pasting text back and forth just hasn’t been successful for us. Neither has been flowing translations into the English InDesign template. I have a top-notch translator, but how can I put the translation back into my InDesign file when the text I get back is up to twice as long?! All the building blocks we’ve worked so hard at seem to crumble away. Our pictures get displaced, our captions misplaced, and our translations outplaced. It’s mentally draining. And physical, too; I’m pretty sure you’re giving me a mild case of carpal tunnel.

2. Multiple PDFs are driving me nuts.

All the endless back-and-forth I go through for you. Between designers, typesetters, translators, and in-country reviewer, it seems like everyone is always trying to make changes. With each minor fix, I find myself exporting yet another PDF, with variations so subtle I start to lose track. I try to accommodate you, give you a new look, new style, new everything. And yet you still seem unsatisfied. What more can I do?

3. Managing by email.

Communication has always been an issue with you. And the burden for communicating always seems to fall on me. In-country reviewer not happy with one of the pictures in your design? I email the designer. Designer not happy with the length of the translation? I email the translator. Does someone need to know when they can start working on their part of the project? I have to tell them. I’m always caught in the middle, managing by email. Why don’t you send a notification for me for once? Be a little more independent.

4. Review cycles that never end.

Okay, I get it. You need attention, TLC, coddling. Our relationship is such a huge time commitment. I spend every minute of every day trying to ensure projects are on time, and still don’t meet the deadlines. But my in-country reviewers let me down. Too many changes taking too long. And every QA cycle adds a new mistake. I’m wasting my time with you and all the manual tasks you make me do. Product launches may be late as a result, and no matter how much we plan, delays are always imminent. You’re just self-sabotaging at this point. Unless things change NOW, I just don’t see this getting any better anytime soon.

5. And finally, you’re putting everything else in my life on hold.

I’ve put everything else in my life on hold for you. If we keep going like this, I’m going to finally snap. Our problems aren’t just affecting us anymore. My team is miserable, my company can’t break into foreign markets on time and on budget; my family never sees me anymore. I need to start living my life again. We can’t go on like this. There has got to be a better way. 


This Valentine’s Day, let’s finally get the relationship we deserve, using one2edit. One2edit is like the relationship counselor we have always dreamed of. It will help us eliminate the communication breakdowns, manual tasks, and design issues that plague our relationship.

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So let’s do it. Let’s take the plunge. We deserve it.



Your Project Manager

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