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Out-Localize the Competition

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Insights, tools and tips on how to engage your client and partner for successThe Localization Management Clinic Out-Localize the Competition is the most practical, actionable and proven strategy to building trusting relationships with your clients. Make it natural and easy to buy from you and turn clients into your ambassadors.

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Does this sound like you?

You are managing translation and localization projects and need BETTER and more LOYAL clients? Equally important, you need more REVENUE with existing clients and greater SUCCESS in winning new ones? But instead, you are experiencing the following:

  • Change requests that seem to come from nowhere
  • Customer complaints about ‘quality issues’ that are actually preferential changes
  • Project scope creep, but the customer does not want to pay for the extra work

If you are facing any of these or similar challenges, even occasionally, this is your program to help you simplify your life. It’s a complete Localization Management Clinic to turning clients into your brand ambassadors. You will learn how to:

  • Build trusting and successful relationships with your clients
  • Increase your chances to win test translation projects
  • Make it a natural choice for your clients to buy more services from you
  • Spend your time to on what matters most to you

A surefire sign that you will benefit greatly from this course is if you  ever managed a test translation project and lost. You most likely made the number-one mistake that is also the root cause for most challenges in your daily work with your existing clients – they are not engaged.

Why Client Engagement Accelerates Your Succss

The Localization Management Clinic Out-Localize the Competition will give you insights, tools and tips on how to engage your client and partner for success.

The attitudes of the typical localization buyer towards their money have changed in recent years. As a result, localization services providers have work harder to develop and retain a profitable customer base. You can, of course, attract clients with aggressive sales and marketing, but in the end you will need to win them over and reject substitutes for your services.

Your client’s attachment to your brand, product, or company is the definitive predictor of your business and professional growth. True brand ambassadors, these clients are your most valuable and profitable ones.

It’s happening everywhere outside localization as well. According to Gallup:

  • In the retail banking industry, clients who are fully engaged bring 37% more annual revenue, have more products with their bank and  higher deposit balances in their accounts.
  • In the consumer electronics industry, fully engaged shoppers make 44% more visits per year and purchase more items than they originally intended to.
  • Restaurants: Fully engaged clients make 56% more visits per month than actively disengaged clients do.
  • Insurance: Fully engaged policy owners purchase 22% more types of insurance products.

You can get the same results, by taking client engagement to the next level for your localization services.

The Localization Management Clinic Out-Localize the Competition teaches the most practical, actionable and proven strategy to building trusting relationships with your clients, making it natural and easy for them to work with you.

What You Will Learn

The keyword here is ‘actionable.’  To achieve your desired business outcomes you will learn practical steps – totally tailored for localizers –  to:

  • Make client engagement a key factor of your growth strategy
  • Account for rational and emotional aspects of your client relationships
  • Focus on sustainable change management tactics
  • Blend client and project management strategies for successful collaboration

After all, training without action is wasted. Therefore, Out-Localize the Competition is razor-sharply focused on providing you and your team:

  • Insights from the most successful client engagement implementations
  • Action-oriented training fully customized for localizers
  • Downloadable tools and templates to implement immediately

What You Will Be Able To Do

After completion of the Localization Management Clinic Out-Localize the Competition, you will be able to:

  • Understand the customer situation and the value that you bring to their business
  • Ask key questions that make every client happier, simplify your life, and increase your revenue
  • Win test translation projects and increase the quality rating of your deliverables
  • Get access to your client’s boss  and battle-proof your business relationship
  • Tackle the four real challenges when you engage with clients
  • Manage meaningful client conversations that keep your clients’ skin in the game
  • Use your time with clients wisely and make it IMPORTANT, but not RUSHED
  • Turn customer complaints into engagement opportunities

Who Benefits From This Training Course

Participants in the Localization Management Clinic Out-Localize the Competition typically have the following job titles:

  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Freelancer Translator
  • Language Lead
  • Localization Project Manager
  • Localization Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • QA Lead
  • Quality Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Self-employed
  • Translation Lead
  • Translation Manager
  • Translation Project Manager
  • Translator

The program is full of practical tips you can actually USE.

And there is 30-day guarantee, so no risk is necessary to try out this incredible training!


  • 6 modules with 40+ videos of trainings on how to engage your clients for success.
  • 12 highly-valuable PDF resources, including workbooks, guides and templates so you can put what you’ve learned into action IMMEDIATELY.
  • 1 extra-special bonus: Introduction to Automating Localization (a $297 value)
  • 6 Office hour coaching calls
  • Members only private forum and group

Now, if you are like me and appreciate SPECIFIC details, here they are:

Module 1: Understanding the Client

  • Introduction
  • What’s in it for you
  • 3 criteria of client engagement
  • The client situation and why you are needed
  • Your clients’ hierarchy of needs – and how to keep it productive
  • Implications for sales without being salesy

Module 2: Four What-Questions

  • Four questions that make your life easier, increase your revenue and clients happier
  • Deep Dive into Question 1: What are we receiving?
  • Deep Dive into Question 2: What will we do with it?
  • Deep Dive into Question 3: What will we give back?
  • Deep Dive into Question 4: What will the client do with our deliverables?
  • Using the 4 questions to upsell your services
  • Your toolkit: Action & Communication Plan, Work Breakdown Structure, Communication Plan, Service Level Agreement

Module 3: Winning Test Translations

  • Why managing test translations is like dating
  • Building trust from the very beginning
  • Communication experience and likability
  • The importance of consistent delivery
  • Using query management to fully engage the client throughout the test translation process

Module 4: Battle proof and foster the business relationships

  • Getting Access to Your Client’s Boss and Their Peers
  • Crossing the red line: How to manage up
  • How to make it natural to buy from you
  • Getting referrals to new business units or departments in client organizations
  • Seeing the world from the customer’s perspective
  • Email that communicate with authority – and produce your first new meeting

Module 5: Having meaningful conversations with your customers

  • Inside your client operations – and where to make difference first
  • Using the technology blueprint to elicit more introductions
  • The technology blueprint explained
  • Making the jump from technical documentation to marketing (or vice versa)
  • Control the conversation and know what next steps to take at any time
  • The 1 best way of spending your time with your clients

Module 6: Handling Complaints

  • Why complaints are better than silence
  • Using client feedback as a opportunity to strengthen the relationship
  • How to re-program yourself and bounce back for success
  • Use boundary setting to align yourself with the client
  • Manage your time and calendar to get it all done stress free

PLUS! 5 special bonuses, including a private Support Group, life-time access into the program, office hour coaching calls, and all trainings available offline and downloadable.


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