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Sink or swim? Swim.

The Out-Localize 2017 Program is here!

Here’s why I am so passionate about this new training program.

When I first entered the localization business, I saw that many project managers were highly talented and full of potential – but not trained.

They did not feel like extensions of their clients R&D teams, enablers of their marketing message and branding, and  strategic partners for their international market success. They felt degraded by mere file-pushing.

To this day, the path from college to client crisis is short. Very often first-jobbers get shown their desk and computer, and then they need to figure things out by themselves

It’s sink or swim from there on out. If lucky, they will get a brief introduction to clients, workflows, and technologies. But often, there is even no time for that. Price-per-word, turn-around times and quality scores dominate life.

I have seen everything from interns managing key client accounts to temps preparing quotes for complex projects and accountants proofreading documents because they happened to speak another language. And more so with larger service providers than with small ones.

When I entered the localization business, I remember feeling incredibly confused, overwhelmed and alone. My background was in electronic publishing.

In localization, I have had to learn a new business, develop new relationships, and manage people with professions that I did not even know existed – with a shout-out to my friends that are localization engineers.

Worse, there was no one around that I could lean on for support or advice.

If you ever feel like this, I want you to know that you CAN take control.

Fast forward to now. Localization has not only become my bread and butter – it is my life and my life-style. I found my wife here and many of my best friends. It brought me to some 50-plus countries. I dined with government officials, debated with thought leaders, and toasted with billionaires.

20 years of non-stop learning and growth tends to have that effect!

But I am most proud of the many people I have helped kick-start their careers into high gear. Even after 20 years, people still share with me how my teachings have changes their personal and professional lives.

That is the only thing that counts. Revenue, profits and clients are important, but they are only necessary vessels to a better life for you and the many people that you serve.

I’m grateful that I was able to figure out a way to turn my worries about making it in the localization business into positive action. And I am proud to say that I have since helped hundreds of localization professionals to do the same.

So what’s this got to do with you?

If you’re a project manager or owner of a localization services company, you can now profit from the very best of all my training programs. I have organized them in my new Out-Localize program. These teachings turned localization coordinators into global team leaders in some of the world’s best companies. All of them are increasing profits and revenue for small and large companies as you read this.

Most importantly, they help people around the world gain physical and mental health, respect, sensuality, sense of belonging, or self-esteem. By providing localization and translation services they help to invent, build, design, work, compose, interpret, co-operate, plan, or take care of something to make the world better.

You can be one of them.

You are probably aware of the thousands of development and training programs that are run by the public, social, and private sectors. Some are excellent; others, not so much.

Many offer PMP and CAPM certification. Some MOOC platforms provide well-made courses. But how relevant are these? Ask yourself what level of specification do you actually need in localization project management?

Since many of the learnings in generic project management certification training do not directly apply to their work, they tend to be boring for localization professionals. That’s even true for the professional ones that cost $3,000 and more. And most programs have no positive effect at all on the career of a localization professional.

Not to mention how massively overwhelming your work can pile up when you are out on training. When you come back to your work desk after a day or two, your inbox is flooded with new project or change requests, complaints about quality issues, scope creeping inquiries and so on. The moment you are back at your desk, your new learnings are being crushed by deadline pressure.

That’s why I created practical training that you can implement immediately.

It’s better to go an vacation and return to an empty email inbox than going on a training program and be crushed by crisis upon you return.

Therefore, from the very beginning of my Out-Localize Program, you will learn how to best spend your time. Everything I teach has been proven and modernized over 20 years. You can implement learnings on the same day and it will have an immediate impact on the quality of your work and life.

All training units are packaged in videos that you can read during your commute, while enjoying a cup of coffee to clear your mind, and before/after lunch to help you decompress. It’s so much more rewarding than the latest office gossip. There is no falling behind, either. You watch when the time is right.

How much would you like more time for personal development, planning, strategizing, friends and family?

You can watch the free introduction to time management below to learn what’s holding you back.

There will be two more videos coming over the next week — but since they are a preview to the full Out-Localize 2017 program, they won’t be available for long.

Of course, if you get value from what you see, please comment and spread the word.

I’d be honored to help you become a Rockalizer in Localization.

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