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Slaying The InDesign Multilingual Monster

When international adhesives, sealant & surface treatment manufacturer Henkel implemented a one2edit translation workflow, the company’s localization costs decreased dramatically.

Henkel is the market leader in the adhesive, sealant & surface treatment industry. Its high-performance Loctite products, for example, are widely used in automotive, aerospace and other demanding applications. Because the company operates in 32 countries, doing business in 25 languages, localization is a critical business function for a wide array of its electronic and printed documents.

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When the international manufacturer of adhesives, sealant & surface treatment,...

How many QA Cycles do you have after translation?

You probably feel the pain everyday. Managing multilingual Desktop Publishing is full of manual labor, from sending PDF files to managing the project by email. Did we mention the multiple QA cycles, each of which introduces new mistakes? What this video to see if you can relate.

One2edit simplifies your life

One2edit eliminates the need to send PDF-files around and then consolidating feedback from multiple reviewers. It offer a central production and review platform instead. No more reviewing text in tables first and then go through multiple revisions in the ‘typesetting’ phase.

Get a glimpse on how you can do it in one go.

Do it all with zero budget

If you want to know how we can make one2edit work for you, send us a note. Very often, the savings from fully using one2edit pay for the implementation within the remaining fiscal year. So, you may not need to ask for an additional budget in the first year, and reap the all the savings in the next.

How is that for being a hero in your company?

How one2edit helps you control your international branding

This company saved 90% on DTP cost – so can you


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