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Tech Tips For Using Lawless Guides

Your Data Security / Your Password

We do the best commercial efforts to keep your data private. On the flipside, the Lawless Guide platform will lock you out of the site completely if you appear to be an intruder. This happens especially after a number of failed login attempts. The site will block your IP address and you (and anyone who also uses your IP address) will not be able to even see our homepage anymore. Our team will need to unblock or whitelist your IP manually. In this event. There is nothing that you can do on your own. You will need to send an email to for help to unblock your IP address.

Do not guess and do not try different passwords. If you lost your password, always retrieve it immediately by clicking on the ‘Forgot password?’ link below the login fields.

Web Browser

We strongly recommend using Firefox or Safari as your default browser. Chrome is another option. We do not recommend that you use Internet Explorer.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser. Click of the links above to download the latest version.

If you are unsure of what browser version you are currently using, you can visit to find out.

PDF Files

When viewing PDF files, do not use the preview capability of your browser, which is not the best to navigate and browse through a document. Save that version on your local computer instead and then re-open the PDF using Adobe Reader.

Set up Adobe Reader as the default choice for PDF downloads.

One Browser at a Time

Lawless Guides are designed to be accessed from one browser or platform at a time.

Do not have Lawless Guides open at the same time on your desktop,  laptop,  smartphone, and  tablet or in multiple browsers on your computer. It confuses the heck out of Lawless Guides.

Never have more than five browser tabs open. It does not matter whether you are using Firefox, Safari  – or if you really, really have no other choice, and we understand that sometimes you don’t – Internet Explorer:  Your computer will slow down when you have many tabs open.


Before you close your browser window or power down, click [Logout] on the bottom of your profile on top your sidebar on the right.  This resets the system in case you login from a different browser or device later on.

Clear Your Cache

Your  browser’s cache stores certain information (snapshots) of webpages you visit on your computer or mobile device. This helps to load pages more quickly. Occasionally, however, your cache can prevent you from seeing updated content, or cause functional problems when stored content conflicts with live content.

Many problems, such as difficulty to access our courses or slow page load can be easily fixed by simply clearing your browser cache.

Log out of Lawless Guides first before you clear your cache.

Keep Your Computer Well Oiled

You cannot help it: While you use your computer, it will collect unneeded debris than can come from internet browsing, programs that don’t clean up after themselves, unexpected computer restarts, and more.  Here are free tools that throw out that junk:

For MacsOnyX is a multifunctional utility for OS X. It allows you to verify the startup disk and the structure of its system files, to run miscellaneous tasks of system maintenance, to configure the hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, Spotlight, and of some of Apple’s own applications, to delete caches, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, and more.

For WindowsCCleaner (also known as Crap Cleaner), is small powerful tool that rids your computer of potentially unwanted files (including temporary internet files, where malicious programs and code tend to reside) and invalid Windows Registry entries.

If All Fails

Send us an email. Describe the issue. Attach screen shots if you can. We will get back to you as possible.

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